‘5 Star Painting’: Delivering only the best for your home!

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Are you someone who is very concerned about the maintenance of your house? Does the word ‘repaint’ and ‘paint job’ always seem to make you very anxious? Then fear not, because ‘5 Star Painting’ is the company that you can definitely trust to assign the painting of your home. The number of painting services in Singapore are plenty but the problem is you will not know who to rely on. This is where the experience part comes to play. ‘5 Star Painting’ has been in the business for more than 30 years and there is no type of project they haven’t encountered before.

The 5-star points of the company are Quality, Assurance, Service, Affordability, and Confidence. And these promises are reflected clearly in the work that they do. Just ask any of the thousands of happy customers they have served. Depending on the type of house you live in, they have specific painting packages to suit your needs.

If you live in either a Condo or an HDB or a Landed property then their services are right for you. They have three main packages available: The Basic, the Enhanced, and the Premium. The Basic package is best suited for yearly maintenance and is very cost effective. If you opt for the Enhanced package then you are getting one of the most popular painting services singapore. The premium version is suited for those customers who desire to invest more money in the quality of paints to get the best results.

These professionals also guarantee that they will complete the paintwork of your home in less than 3 days. Now, how about that for a hassle-free experience. On visiting the website 5starpainting.com.sg, one can get a detailed breakdown of the various packages available and the estimated price for each.